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Hair care is bespoke to you because of the following reasons will be different for everyone- hair type, scalp condition, volume, texture, length, environment, colour, damage, natural oils, health, products and care. 


Here is my hair washing and styling guide:


1 - Brush your hair with a bristle brush…

Brushing hair seems to have been forgotten as a historic activity!! However it is a good idea to brush your hair before washing to breakup product remnents, smooth out tangles, stimulate the scalp and give yourself some time to enjoy the action. 

2 - Spray on *Apple vinegar rinse …

Excellent for removing styling product and preparing the cuticle.

3 - *Shampoo with non toxic shampoo…

Non toxic shampoo does not strip the hair from natural oils therefore helps to retain moisture that is essential to keep the natural movement of the hair and not leave it brittle giving it a tendency to break.

4 - *Condition with a conditioner that has a build in heat guard.

Conditioner that has hemisqualane to keep heat from damaging the hair strands for if using a hairdryer or heated tools such as straighteners, this is really useful for keeping the condition.

5 - Mask with a cap & towel…

Using a *replenishing mask is great for deep moisturising my hair, I thickly coat all the hair strands before placing a plastic cap over my head and a towel to keep the head heat in, leave for 10-15 mins and rinse. We use masks on our face why not on our hair?

6 - Comb through with a wide too comb so as not to damage the hair stands.

7 - A *leave in conditioner only on the ends of my hair is great to retain the condition and great for protection against the heat of the sun in summer.

8 - *Non toxic styling lotions … 

 Divide the hair into a top section and bottom section, place a small amount of styling lotion into my hand and rub until warm and thinner, then place onto the bottom layer then un-clip the top and evenly spread over the top layers.

9 - Drying…

Drying your hair with a slow hairdryer scrunching the curl in as you go or smoothing out with a brush. I find that if the hair is naturally curly starting from the  hair being really wet is better, it takes ages but its worth doing this bit slowly so it doesn’t go fluffy. If the hair is straight and to be dryed with the hair dryer and brush for volume it is better to rough dry the hair to get out as much wet as possible then section the hair and start from the base layers working up.

10 - *Anti frizz oil lightly coating the hair for protection against moisture and giving a reflection base so the hair is shiney.

Place 2 pumps of oil into my hand, warm it up by rubbing the hands together, rub all over the hair in downward moves to distribute the oil all over the hair smoothing over the cuticles as you go.

11 - Finally shake your head, put on some lip gloss and dance around the kitchen like no-body is watching 

12 - Enjoy your hair for 4 days to 1 week before doing it all again!!


*Reccomendations available

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