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Menopause   AKA   ‘The Change’



Are you feeling alien to yourself and, without swearing, basically feeling ‘RUBBISH’ 

You can look up all the menopause medical information about the depletion of eggs and the drop in oestrogen …. YES YES YES all very well but lets cut to the chase and get to what we really want to know !!!


Why do I feel Rubbish?

Why can’t I remember anything?

Why don’t I have any motivation anymore?

Why anything in the past I found funny, now doesn’t even break a smile on my face?

Why do I feel I can’t listen or give my attention to anything?

Why do I NOT feel connected to my teens?

Why am I not sleeping? Have no energy? Cry at everything? Why, Why, Why???



Defined as a full year with no periods this time hits women, on average ,around the age of 50. But the years before actual Menopause – called perimenopause – can be more emotionally and physically fraught than we anticipate. Things change a lot during this transition which can prove awkward.  Our bodies and our moods frequently betray us, but one of the worst parts of perimenopause and menopause is that no one talks about them.


Recently I went to a get-together with a few friends, we were sat outside so happy to catch up with each other, sitting in my friends farm yard was just ideal as we chatted until the dark hours and admired the stars with no light pollution.

We spoke about all different topics from teens to decorating then we turned to the fact that I had just finished at the hair salon where I had worked in for the last 13 years. This then led onto my new venture of helping women with teenagers cope with the whirlwind that life brings with the Menopause! It was quite evident that the flow of this topic was just not as easy as the topic of wallpaper! Why was this


‘Almost all my friends my age are feeling ‘different’ and in a state of confusion due to the transition in their lives.’ 


As we go through life we make friends along the way in all avenues but a huge part of it is at the school gates, we become friends with other mums who tend to be a similar age as us. We go through the school years practically living each others experiences with the children until they reach teenage years when they become consumed with hormone imbalance which can turn them into grunting sloths or hysterical drama queens! Not only are we swept up in all their bizarreness, but we too are in our own crest and wave of hormonal dilemma. All we can do is get swept up by the whirlwind waiting to get spewed out of the top to either fly or come crashing down to land in a crumpled heap. 

The funny thing is our friends are on their own whirlwind with their very own choice…..

Working in a residential home it dawned on me one day when I was doing the hair of a resident for her 100th birthday she pointed out that I was exactly half her age!!! She found that idea lovely and said how nice it was that I potentially had 50 more years to do whatever I wanted to do in my life, this was an amazing thought but I couldn't help but think in the back of my mind ‘OMG I feel f****** knackered now’ let alone another 50 years !!! 

This was a total wake up call that I couldn't let this ‘change’ in my life keep me down and waste another second of me living my life to the full. I was no longer going to reach for that glass of wine as soon as I got home, I was going to try hard not to take on the stress of anyone else, I was no longer going to crawl along in self pity because I had a hormone dip !!! I was so badly prepared for this time in my life I had already experienced the crashing down to land in a crumpled heap NOW I wanted to fly as free as a bird for the next 50 years.


I Choose Fly... And I would be so happy if you would like to fly with me…

So what are you going to choose?

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