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I look at my children and feel happy. That is how it is now. But this wasn’t the case 3 years ago when I was in the depths of my Menopause symptoms and my children were going through similar symptoms of becoming young adults.

From the moment my husband and I knew that we were bringing a child into this world we expected that our lives would have to change. However, we imagined that it would be possible to instil our ‘way of life’ into them, even from a young age. We were married for 13 years before our daughter came along. I felt time had already bonded us as one, joined us together to make a strong union, ensuring that we had the strength to be good parents.

With both of us practicing Martial Arts, which is a highly disciplined sport, we hoped that this ‘way of life’ was something we could teach our children. Personal development, self-discipline, belief in yourself, hard work and a love of life – all on our own terms. We made a conscious effort never to be swayed by other parent’s views or mood lanes. We discussed things together and chose our route. Sometimes this meant we followed the way of others but often we took the chance to do it our own way.

Was that the right choice? We were new to parenting so were not 100% confident that our lives together would pan out in the way that we intended. However, we were completely certain that we were going to try it, test it and believe that we could achieve our best possible potential as parents.

Of course, by waiting to have our first born at 32 years old, and another at 34, meant that I was certainly going to be challenged later on in life. At 47 years old, when I was hitting the menopause, my children were going to be teens! This situation was not in my sights and is definitely one of the things I wish I had been better prepared for.

This is the reason why I am doing this now. I really think that this is an area that is not particularly highlighted or given enough attention to. Of course, I wish I could say that I would not change anything that has happened so far in my life, but the truth is I would have. I would have liked to have been better prepared for this clash of teenage hormones and my Menopause. However, although I may feel that I have let my teens down in some ways, we have provided them with a solid foundation to be strong and resilient.

To find out more about the trials and tribulations, the methods I used to lift me back up, the strength of personal development, tips, hints, and resources I found that got me through - please contact me using the details below.

It would be great to talk.

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