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Energise GOLD
  • Energise GOLD

    ENERGISE GOLD is about taking your life into your hands with me by your side every step of the way.


    This course gives you the time to assess your own needs in order to be of optimal health with me having your back. We have a thorough assessment of your menopause issues and work through to resolve as many as possible with a combination of practices and techniques, directions of where to get further help if needed and having my professionals on hand for extra support and information.


    Our emphasis is on regaining vitality in your life by ways of mindfulness, daily practices, adjusting routines and finding that person you know is waiting for the permission to burst full of the energy you once owned.


    We do this by working together through the assessment journal and having access through Whatsapp daily through the week.

    We have a 1:2:1 weekly call on zoom to assess progress and concentrate on tasks or troubling issues that may need time to come out.


    ENERGISE GOLD is a 21 day course enabling us to really assess the tweaks we need to concentrate on for great results. 

    With your practice on this course you will gain confidence about yourself, gain insight on weight management, raise your energy levels, have better sleep and feel totally transformed to move forward with a revitalised sense of wellbeing and vigor. 


    I give you lots of support and a great sense of never being left to do this alone.


    The 21 day ENERGISE GOLD course includes …

    • A hand held journal and wellness package 
    • Weekly 1:2:1 calls to address your unique issues 
    • Preferred choice of start date
    • Daily weekday Whatsapp access to me 
    • Information from my professional team
    • Mindfulness practices including meditation and goals 
    • Prioritising yourself guides
    • Hydration checklist
    • Brain clarity assessment and guides on relieving brain fog
    • Emotional journaling 
    • Breath work workshop
    • Affirming a positive attitude 
    • Morning routines and night time regimes 
    • Exercise guidelines 
    • Happy triggers 
    • Self motivation and confidence coaching
    • Tips on a healthy lifestyle
    • Nutrition and supplement suggestions 
    • Improving sleep guide
    • Body confidence tasks
    • Recognising your strengths
    • Inspirational quotes to up lift


    Whatever challenges you may be dealing with we will work together in order to give you the best resources to get the results you desire.

    I will work with you to help you feel like you are not doing this alone and work alongside you for getting these results.


    The Investment for the 21 day ENERGISE GOLD course with Individual menopause support, hand held Journal and a wellness package is £429 


    Start date - This can be suited to your needs as to when is the best date to start your course for you.


    Working exclusively together will have huge benefits, our energies will harmonise to get you feeling the best you have felt in a long time. Whatever it is making you feel anything less than fabulous we can start getting them resolved together. ENERGISE GOLD will get you there with me right beside you! 


    Refunds are managed on a case by case basis, please contact us on for advice. 

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