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MEnopause Journal & 21 Day Energise Course
  • MEnopause Journal & 21 Day Energise Course

    ENERGISE is about taking your life into your hands, giving the time to assess your own needs in order to be of optimal health.

    We highlight menopause topics such as - Mood swings, Stress, Confidence and Body issues. However, the emphasis is on regaining vitality in your life by ways of mindfulness, daily practices, adjusting routines and finding that person you know is waiting for the permission to burst full of the energy you once owned.

    ENERGISE is a 21 day course enabling us to really assess the tweaks we need to concentrate on for great results. 


    On the ENERGISE course I have had ladies gain confidence, loose weight, raise their energy levels, have better sleep and feel totally transformed in themselves to move forward with a revitalised sense of wellbeing and vigar. 

    There’s lots of support and a great sense of never being left to do this alone.
    The 1:2:1 support calls are with myself and the group support is with other women experiencing similar issues. Myself and professionals from different backgrounds deliver valuable information, tips and accountability for the duration of the course. 


    The 21 day ENERGISE course includes …
    •    A hand held journal to assess progress along the course
    •    2 x 1:2:1 calls to address your unique issues 
    •    Mindfulness practices including meditation and goals 
    •    Prioritising yourself
    •    Hydration checklist
    •    Brain clarity assessment and guides on relieving brain fog
    •    Emotional journaling
    •    Breath work
    •    Affirming a positive attitude 
    •    Morning and nighttime routines 
    •    Exercise guidelines 
    •    Happy triggers
    •    Self motivation and confidence
    •    Tips on a healthy lifestyle
    •    Nutrition and supplement suggestions 
    •    Improving sleep
    •    Body confidence
    •    Recognising your strengths
    •    Inspiration


    Whatever challenges you may be dealing with this course will allow you to take a step back and find the time to get back on track leaping forward with great results. Here is what my other ladies are saying …


    'Jo Working with you on this program has been brilliant for me. I now understand my body and minds needs to cope with this change I am going through and no longer feel fed up with how I am feeling . Thank You for being on my side and giving me tools to feel better and get life where I want it to be.'


    I would love to be part of your journey assessing yourself to gain these things and live the life you desire.  Would you like to feel Energised?


    The Investment for the 21 day ENERGISE course with the menopause journal in a group format is £219. This course has been so popular for friends to join together I am offering an ‘introduce a friend’ at *£400 for both to join.


    The next Start Date: Monday 9th October 2023

    *2 friends joining the same course together


    Refunds are managed on a case by case basis, please contact us on for advice. 

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