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3 Reasons why carrying on your journey is critical for long term happiness!

There's a lovely song that comes to mind … ‘Reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3’

So on that tuneful note I am going to highlight 3 of the reasons that I feel are critical for carrying on your journey for long term happiness…

1. The ripple effect …

I know that seems to be putting it all on your shoulders again but believe me in the long term if you are happy then everything seems to be happy. Imagine the ripple effect from a pebble thrown in the water, the same happens when you are happy as if like magic all things around you become happy and easy too, you will not see things as a strain and all vibrations around you will be lifted and become lighter. To practice this bring awareness to your breathing, take a few intentional breathes, maybe sit in a chair to do this or walk bare foot on the grass. Play some music that you love or listen to an uplifting podcast.

This seems a funny thing to say but in menopause it is sometimes hard to ‘feel happy’ which is why my videos and incentives continually remind you to practice getting into this mode in order to direct your body and mind into feeling happy more often as a natural state.

2. Motivation...

I often have women say ‘I just can’t get motivated to do anything !’ and ‘I have no energy!!’

How often as children were we told to “pick your feet up”!!! Was this due to no energy or not wanting to go where we were heading ? As children it was rarely the lack of energy but more often that we dragged our feet due to low motivation.

Now as women, mums at that, AND the menopause, not only are our feet bigger (and burdened with baggage!), our bodies don’t seem to belong to us any more and we use any excess energy we have conserved in worrying about everyone else's problems!! So in turn picking our feet up seems not an option.

I love this saying as it says it all….


Continuing with your journey helps analyse the baggage you need to let go of in order to feel more motivated, energised and clearer as to where you want to go.

3. Ready, Steady, Lifestyle

Weather you are a foodie or not, it will become a love affair on the goodness you are putting into your body, because when all said and done ‘you are what you eat’.

This is no race but the track to getting a better lifestyle starts here…

Ready - The first 30 days when you are getting ready for what's ahead, eliminating certain foods and fueling your body with clean nutrition, essential vitamins, minerals and gut health will give you the boost that is required to assist your body in a change for the better, resetting, starting out, taking a hold on getting back in control of optimum health moving forward.

Steady - The second 30 days when you are on track and going steady, enjoying your new experience, feeling and seeing the benefits. Settling into your new way of life.

Go - The third 30 days when you are off on your lifestyle flight continuing seriously setting yourself goals for the new pathway to a better lifestyle is essential to help with your menopause and beyond. Setting this lifestyle in action is then ‘copied’ by our teens which also, not only, sets them up for great health, it shows the importance of taking care of yourself gets rewards.

Jo Weatherall


* Jo Weatherall | Menopause, Mayhem & Teens tries its best to ensure that all the Information published on the website/blog is accurate and true to our knowledge. This information is our interpretation of the research we have carried out. However, in case of any inaccuracies, errors, or any such defects, Jo Weatherall | Menopause, Mayhem & Teens and its team shall not be liable.

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