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FOUR ‘Try Now’ Steps to getting your life back in control as a women going through Menopause…

FEEL GOOD How much time did you spend on deciding what to wear the last time you went out ? There’s a few factors in this ... Can you remember what you were wearing the last time you went out ? Did you put much thought into what you actually wore ? Did you put too much thought into what you wore ? Did you care how you looked ? Didn’t you bother how you looked ? All this is great and worth thinking about but the real fact is HOW DID YOU FEEL?

Yes it is lovely to have nice clothes , a bright coloured dress or killer heels but what really counts and stands out is whatever you are wearing you do it with confidence and a smile and a warm feeling inside that you are awesome .

The last time you walked through town can you remember anything anyone was wearing ??? No ? But if there was a person radiating energy and smiling along with their head up and long strides , you would not only notice them but really feel their high vibration totally irrelevant of what was on their back ...

Give me your top tips for feeling good .... Sunshine? Lippy? Colours? Being early? Music? Dancing your way through town!

Hydrate Drinking water regularly and plenty of it (at least eight glasses daily), is important to maintaining not only the health of your body functions, but your skin as well. During Menopause our body loses its ability to retain moisture, making wrinkles and dry skin more noticeable, drinking water flushes toxins and hydrates the skin making it appear fresh and plump. Hydrating can also improve the cognitive function and help you feel more focused and alert therefore helping with that foggy brain. If you find it hard to regulate how much you are drinking try filling up a large jug of water add some ice then throughout the day drink some every time you pass it using a straw, it eventually goes down and is a good little practice to get into.

Sleep I know this is easier said than done but it is so worth trying really hard to get it cracked. If you can just try to get 3 consecutive days having 8/9 hours you will be amazed at how different you feel. 'Impossible!' I hear you say, but just try it. Start to think ‘bedtime’ after dinner, hopefully if dinner is around 18.00, then do your share of the tidying up and getting ready for the next day, announce that you are intending on going to bed early for the next 3 days, then do nothing else and get on up stairs to have some space before you get to bed. Read, have a shower, or whatever gets you ready for relaxing, but keep saying ‘I'm going to bed, I'm going to bed, I'm going to bed … We’ve all been there with all good intentions we make our way up stairs and the next thing we are sorting out the bottom of our wardrobe, pairing up all our odd earring or scrolling online filling our brains with everything that doesn't serve it!!!! Turn off your phone, don't worry if the teens are up after you, its bound to happen sooner or later and just go to bed. In just 3 days you will notice that having that extra bit of sleep will give you a sharper brain, better digestion and a happier feeling in general.

Fun, Fun, Fun… When we talk about ‘healthy lifestyle’ this is not all about eating, moving, sleeping, relaxing and being !!! We have to incorporate FUN, smiling, feeling good and living the moment.

Having fun is good for you because physiologically, it helps to balance out our stress and feel-good hormones, preventing diseases long-term. It helps to boost our creativity, energy, productivity, and overall cognition. ... Children are simply amazing with their sense of curiosity, creativity, and overall happiness.

The definition of fun is something that brings pleasure, joy or playfulness. A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. An example of fun is dancing with friends. (or in the kitchen ) Watching a comedy or a stand up comedian Playing guess that tune while you hum to your work colleagues or partner. Have a game of snap, the concentration, competitiveness and action involved really makes you laugh

Having a fun life is about more than doing fun things and having adventures. You don't always have time for big moments of fun, so work on embracing the little things. Try to cultivate a mindset that embraces play, pleasure, and laughter in your everyday activities be it home or work.

Have a lovely day!

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