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At every stage of life, whether going through ‘The Change’ or not, mindfulness is so important. I practice mindfulness every day … It is something that is part of my daily routine and since starting my mindfulness ‘journey’ I go through very few days without practicing it. Why? Because I see the difference it makes! It can be so easy to rush through your daily ‘routine’ on what I call ‘autopilot!’ (I did this for many years).

Mindfulness doesn’t take long but it’s about bringing yourself back to the current, coming into your own mind and body, focusing on your thoughts and feelings (sounds odd… but it’s not often that you focus on coming back to the present moment…). This improved my mental wellbeing so much, and brought me to understand myself better, notice my surroundings, and therefore allowing me to keep in touch with my body and understand it! It can be as simple as setting a reminder to take notice of your thoughts, your feelings, body, and the world around you during the day.

Another way that you can start to include mindfulness in your everyday life could be taking time out for 10 minutes to go on a walk outside with no distractions (I.e. no phones!) – I do this every day when I walk the dogs!

Maybe setting 10 minutes in the morning to do some meditation (I started my day waking up only 10 minutes earlier so I could fit in my meditation and it made the world of difference in the mornings!). Or if you’d prefer during the day starting by simply watching your thoughts – making sure they are not ‘upstream’ thoughts meaning they are negative thoughts because this is a struggle for your body and will deplete your energy very quickly, yet, if you go with the stream… it will be easy, these being your positive thoughts!

Mindfulness is such a simple thing to be aware of, it’s 10 minutes of your day and for me, it made the world of difference!

So your challenge for today – and forever more – practice 10 minutes of mindfulness!

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