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Taking a stand

So you’re on the downward spiral…. Your life stinks!!! You feel bad about your looks, your body, your relationship, your teens, your environment, You need comfort so you eat comfort junk food, you need to rest your brain so you watch rubbish TV , you then feel tired the next day so you feel rubbish, so you eat comfort food, watch more TV, don't move, feel rubbish, have negative thoughts so you watch TV whilst eating comfort food, you are the only one doing anything in the house so feel bad about your teens, your environment, your looks, so you eat comfort food, watch TV……. etc.!


One third of our life is post menopausal. Now is the time to take a stand to make sure that the new you is not on a downward spiral. Believe me when I say its down to you to change, you can be directed, shown what to do, given articles to read and practices in all angles of exercise, mindfulness and lifestyle but it has to be YOU that wants it the most to feel better, feel free, feel alive, feel happy, feel healthy, feel good about YOU…..


A few places to start… Body resetting Energising Positive thinking Loving yourself Connect with others Support and care

You may be saying, “its alright for you to say” …. you look ok, you are not feeling rubbish, you are not putting on weight, you are not struggling with sleep, you have not got teens in dilemma, you are not in pain with your joints, you're not... you're're not… Well this is where I want to assure you that I do know how all those things feel because there was a time that I had to stop my own downward spiral by putting on the brakes and that was screeching brakes as I too did not think it was going to stop.

When I took my stand I set to resetting my body, evaluating all the things that were not serving me and I turned it around and I’m still going now. Its not all plain sailing and there are times I feel things are not in the best place but my reactions are different and my choices are clear which puts me straight back on track.

The ONLY reason that ‘I’m not’ is merely because I practice it every single day and eventually you practice anything so much it becomes second nature and you do begin to love being YOU and taking a stand.

If you would like me to show you my daily practices do not hesitate to email me because I’d like nothing more than to guide you in the right direction….

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